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Opulence and Decay - lIVE iNSTALLATION

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Live Installation during "Opulence and Decay Exibit " of the PIMA program-

Collaboration with Eva Peskin, Magali Wilensky, Justine Williams, Eleni Zaharopoulos and Tegan B Roberts.

Pictures by: Keith Chandler, Helen Richardson and Jason Schuler


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City Within was performed as part of th Urban Camping Project at La Mama Theatre

Pictures by: Roman Duvi


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Performance during " Semana de Artes do Corpo" at PUC - São Paulo. Collaboration with Natalya Clua, Isadora Frost, Camila Macedo, Raquel Mavecq and Banda [Art]


Pictures by: Fernanda Machado

Video By: Thais Denardi


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Cielo Arte

Performance produced by La Fura dels Baus at "Memorial da América Latina" in the city of São Paulo- Brazil. 


Pictures by: Ligiane Braga

Video by: Projeto Salamandra


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Boxing was created in collaboration with Raquel Mavecq and performed during the 2011 FAB Festival in New York City 


Pictures by: Antoine Marie and Cacá Macedo


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Ctrl+z ou 220 lâmpadas de 1 watt

Ctrl+Z ou 220 Lâmpadas de 1 Watt was a collaborative performance created by MeninasJoão and Directed by Miriam Rinaldi. 


MeninasJoão: Valquíria Vieira, Fernanda Machado, Sara Panamby, Renata Borges, Clara Antoniazzi, Raiani Teichmann, Beliza Trindade, Isadora Frost, Patricia Faolli, João Pedro Canola, Camila Macedo, Natalya Clua, Michelle Matiuzzi, Raquel Mavecq, Camila Urbano and Kiara Terra



Pictures by: Thiago Ventura

Videos By: Coletivo Contratempos e Projeto Salamandra


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Forsenga is an interdisciplinary performance art installation, responding to multidisciplinary artist Senga Nengudi's sculptural works often referred to as the R.S.V.P. 'hosiery series'. Created in collaboration with Raquel Mavecq and Katrina DeWess


Projeto BaraFonda

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This project created by Cia. São Jorge de Variedades was centered in the history of "Barra Funda" neighbourhood located in São Paulo- Brazil.

Each of these performances, directed by different company members, explore new possibilities of artistic intervention in the city by an ensemble.





Videos by: Bruna Lessa e Cacá Bernardes

Subway Intervention - Linha Amarela - São Paulo

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This Performance was created in collaboration with Fernanda Machado, Carolina Portela, Valquiria Vieira,  Raquel Mavecq and Renata Borges.

Performed during the 2013 Hemispheric Institute's  Encuentro in São Paulo-Brazil


Video by Ebony Golden


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